Protecting the environment is not only a priority but also a necessity. Our new product line Mark Eco Bio combines plastic with respect to the environment.

The innovative Master Bio technology reduces biodegrading time by 99% (from 9 months to 5 years instead of 100 to 1000 years). It is this innovative technology that forces the product to rapidly degrade under specific conditions occurring solely in environments where composting takes place.

The newMark Eco Bio dispensers line is combined with the Natural by Mark .paper products line:

18180 Eco Bio soap dispenser 500ml

18181 Autocut dispenser Eco Bio

18182 Hand towel roll dispenser 1500gr Eco Bio

18183 Hand towel dispenser Eco Bio

18184 Toilet paper dispenser 450gr Eco Bio

18185 Interfolded toilet paper dispenser Eco Bio Midi

18186 Interfolded toilet paper dispenser Eco Bio Mini

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